Single Premium Whole Life Plan

  • This is the best form of life assurance for family provision since it enables the Life Assured to pay the premium in one shot (single premium) and give protection to his family for lifetime
  • He need not pay any premium in the later stages of life if and when his conditions might become adverse
  • Another wonderful feature is that it participates in profits for the entire term of the policy even though the premium has been paid one time only, thereby growing your life cover as well as savings corpus every year.
  • Life Cover: Lifetime cover to the extent of Full Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus (as applicable)
  • Maturity: Life assured has an option to mature his policy anytime after he attains the age of 80 years, thereby making this policy a flexible term policy.
  • Great plan to grow your savings as this plan has the highest bonus declared amongst all L.I.C. plans
  • Optional Add-on Riders available:
    • Accident & Permanent Disability Rider (during premium paying term only)

Premium Calculator

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