Bima Account 2

  • Bima Account II is a without profit Variable Insurance Product.
  • Life Cover: The Sum Assured and the balance in the Policyholders Account payable to nominee.
  • On maturity: An amount equal to balance in the Policyholders Account is payable.
  • Account maintained are of two types
    • Regular Premium Account - Regular premium paid will be subject to deduction of charges. The balance premium, net of charges, credited to Regular Premium Account.
    • Top up Premium Account - Very Minor charges are deducted from this account compared to Regular Premium Account.
  • Guaranteed annual interest of 6% p.a. for inforce policy and 5% p.a. if the policy is paidup (for the whole of the policy term).
  • An additional interest rate for inforce policies may be declared. The guaranteed interest payable is on net premium.
  • Expense Charge, Mortality Charge, Service tax charge and Alteration Charge will be deducted every month from the Policyholders Regular Premium Account appropriately (NOT from the top up account).

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